Don't guess. There are no returns if you guess wrong! These are sensitive electronic parts and are not returnable- even if unused.


IMPORTANT: On many of the Reddy Heater models, especially the "PRO" series of heaters, DESA International used 2 different control boards. Compare your board to the ones pictured below.




Control Board Part number 104068-02

Most of the "PRO series"  heaters have this Ignition Control board. Some boards were tan in color.

Now- Contol Board 104068-02 always Uses photocell M16656-24 which is now PP236



125T MODELS: M125AT and RH125AT.

170T MODELS: RH170AT and M170AT.

200T Models: M200AT ONLY





Control Board Part number 116111-01

Some of the "PRO series" heaters have this board which has a digital readout and 4 red LED lights.

Now- Contol Board 116111-01 always Uses photocell M16656-21 with this board



125T MODELS: RHD125AT, RL125AT, RE125AT, PKHD125T, TKU125T,
UKU125T, RD125T

170T MODELS: RHD170AT, RL170AT, RE170AT, PKHD170T, TKU170T,
UKU170T, RD170T

200T Models: RHD200AT, RE200AT, RH200AT, RL200AT, PKHD200T,
TKU200T, UKU200T, RD200T


If you have a "PRO series" heater and you are not sure which board is in your heater- pull the board and look at it. Compare your board to these photos.

Don't guess.

If you guess and order the wrong board you have thrown your money away because there are no returns on these sensitive electronics.