No Fuel Spray

The heater has spark, the motor is running, but no fuel is spraying. At this point you must determine if the air pump is producing air. The principal: the pump sends air to the nozzle, then through a hose to the nozzle adapter, then out the nozzle. At the nozzle adapter a suction is created and fuel is sucked from the tank and mixed with fuel at the nozzle and atomized.

Do this:

  • Using a low pressure gauge, check the pressure. Instructions are on our website. If after checking the pressure you find:

1. NO PRESSURE- disassemble the pump (rotor). If the rotor is broken- replace. If the rotor chamber is dirty - clean so the vanes will operate effectively. Re-assemble using no lubricant!

2. SOME PRESSURE- some technicians will disassemble the pump first. We prefer to use soapy water, first, to determine if there is an air leak. NOTE: a small leak will cause big problems! An air leak is hard to see. Look for a line of very fine lathery type foam. Check these spots:

  • The point where the metal housing joins the plastic end cover. There is a cork gasket attached to a filter and many leaks start here.
  • The plastic end cover itself. A crack of any size will prevent the pump from reaching pressure.

If no leaks are found then disassemble the pump. Clean or replace if needed.

3. If FACTORY SPECS are reached but still no fuel present. The problem is between the plastic end cover and the nozzle -or- in the fuel line. Check, using soapy water:

  • the condition of the airline
  • the condition of the fuel line
  • a leak in the nozzle adapter
  • a restriction in the nozzle
  • a restriction in the fuel filter.